See It and Be It

Finally, a proven system for your business that will get you to your next level faster, smarter, and with more joy!

I'm ready to go ALL IN!

See It and Be It

Finally, a proven system for your business that will get you to your next level faster, smarter, and with more joy!

I'm ready to go ALL IN!

Our 12-month All In Experience is a beautiful blend of all the things a business woman needs to scale her success with sanity. 

1-on-1 Breakthrough Business Coaching

Get expert advice from founder Sarah Stokes, a trusted consultant to CEOs at all levels. Sarah has personally built a multi-million dollar service-based business that continues to thrive even in a pandemic. She purchased and grew her first business to 7 times its size before successfully selling it. She has helped others scale their companies to dazzling new heights. During your two-hour strategy and coaching sessions you’ll dig deep into your biggest current opportunity and challenge area. With Sarah’s support you will outline and begin to walk your personalized path to making a bigger impact through more revenue and more freedom.

Momentum Mastermind

A community of accomplished women. Where mentors are mentored. We created a safe space to be unapologetically successful. As the go-to person for your circle. Who can you share your success with? You know, the success that you can't just talk about with anyone, because they aren't at your level yet or just don't get it. This is the new room you've been looking for. The room where women come together to share wisdom, collaborate on solutions to the biggest challenges in business, and learn the inside scoop on scaling faster, with awareness, and more joy. This is where you accelerate. You learn, share, grow in courage, and leap to heights you won’t reach alone.

Done-for-You Marketing Support

from the award-winning team at STOKES|HERZOG Marketing + Consulting This is where you bring you big dreams and ideas to life! This is the secret sauce of your future and growth. We wanted you to be an easy "heck yes, this is a no brainer". Since founder Sarah Stokes owns a full-service marketing agency she sees how pivotal it is to successful companies and added it right here for you when you go "All In". Get access to our team to truly get your biggest projects done this year! Each Quarter you’ll have access to a full service marketing team for your very own “Get it done day!” Each get-it-done day is valued at $10,000, that’s $40,000 retail of done-for-you marketing support.

Advanced Masterclasses that Matter

to your business, life, and success level. Customized content all year based on the biggest needs in your business and life. Imagine maximizing your wealth, better tax strategies, HR and hiring strategies, leadership, on-camera coaching, reinvigorating your vision, and more.

Life-Changing Spa Retreat

We will combine personal and professional growth in a magical way. We are taking over Sundara Inn & Spa, chosen for the sole purpose of replenishing your mind, body, and soul. Ahhhhh…we’ll be waiting for you! You will create some space to hear your dreams again. You will refresh your spirit and renew your mindsets as you honor your body’s need for rest and alignment!

I’m All In

Plus these BONUSES:

Daily support for your spirit with a complimentary membership to The Juicy 365 Daily Mentorship Meditation, nutrition, life coaching, spiritual tools, and movement/exercise 

Customized professional and personal assessments to help you understand your style and personality traits

You’ll grow to your next money milestone and a more joyful life as you become the most rested, resilient, happy, soul-filled person in your family!

Some of the transformations you can expect...

Amaze yourself and blow your own mind at what you can do and create.

Learn how to best evaluate requests for your time and money.

Be happier than you've ever been, your relationships are better because you're supported as you stand in your values and worth.

You'll develop a clear vision of how to achieve your next level of success. A clear, bigger-thinking roadmap and action steps to your 1, 3, 10 year goals.

Assemble your best support team to help you achieve your heart-centered vision. 

Only focus on your top 20 percent of activities and the things that move the needle. Set your business down at night and on weekends, if you want.

You will love this wise, supportive, high-achieving group of women in the All In Community. They are world changers just like you! 

I’m All In

Mentorship in the All In Experience is $$$


Members paying their tuition in full enjoy savings of $$$,
bringing your investment to $$$

Plus a JUICY pay-in-full bonus

We’ll provide your overnight hotel stay at our Spa Retreat


Treat you to a luxury Spa Service at the Sundara Spa in the Wisconsin Dells

Yes! I’m ready to...

  • Discover my juicy joyful day.
  • Build courage for my biggest goals while stretching myself to my full potential.
  • Pinpoint patterns that have held me back and move beyond them.
  • Enter a new room of wisdom.
  • Grow to my next money milestone and a more joyful life!
  • Prioritize my health, wealth and happiness while being unapologetically successful.

Congratulations and welcome
to the
All In Experience

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"When I started working with Sarah my income doubled, clients doubled...they flowed into my business. Sarah was a key player to get there and helped me become a leader in my business."

- Angela
"I was able to go faster with Sarah than just alone...she gave me all the tools for making more while working less and removing the toxic relationships in my life."

- Christa

“I have seen exponential growth in my energy, creativity, and resiliency.”

- Katie
"I've never been happier in my whole life!" 

- Lizzie

It’s your time to go All In and you don’t have to do it alone

Join Us and Go All IN

Meet the founder of the Juicy Good Life

Sarah Stokes is a breakthrough business coach and mastermind leader with The Juicy Good Life, where she helps businesswomen scale with sanity. She’s a coach and strategist who’s actually built and sold successful businesses. Sarah is the co-owner of STOKES|HERZOG, a strategic marketing and consulting agency in Eau Claire, WI. She is a trusted consultant for global and regional companies, helping them with their strategy, public relations, and growth planning.

The Juicy Good Life was born in 2018 to empower breakthroughs for business women. It’s designed to help them discover daily joy, pinpoint patterns that are holding them back, and tune into their soul so they have the stamina to grow to their next levels.

Prior to business ownership, Sarah was a journalist for 17 years, anchoring nightly newscasts around the country before starting STOKES|HERZOG Marketing + Consulting with her husband in 2014. They left the TV biz so they could be home to put their babies to bed at night (he was her co-anchor at the news desk for years). The agency’s incredible team now serves Fortune 500, global, and regional companies. In 2013, she purchased a women’s magazine and grew it right from her kitchen counter (with toddlers circling her legs) to seven times its size (revenue and reach) before successfully selling it so she could focus on the growing agency.

Based on the professional and personal breakthroughs she’s had as an owner, CEO, employer, consultant, speaker, mom, wife, and community leader, she knew she had to help others find joy in their lives alongside the business success they’re achieving. She’s focused on helping companies make an impact on the world by sharing scaling strategies that actually work for real women with big dreams.

Sarah is a national speaker, podcast host, and trusted advisor and board member. She has been honored to be named Community Impact Leader of the Year in 2019, Woman of Achievement in 2017, Business Woman of the Year in 2016, and Extraordinary Business Woman of the Year in 2014. STOKES|HERZOG Marketing + Consulting was named the Best Branding and Design Company and Best Video Agency in 2019, 2020, and 2021.

I am ready to say yes to my future and this amazing support!