Kajabi lovers:

You can get that designer look, even if you're not a designer.

You've probably noticed that there are tons of resources out there for the tech side of Kajabi, but it’s *crickets* when it comes to actually designing in Kajabi.

does this sound like you:

  • You know when a website looks bad, but you can’t really explain WHY or HOW to fix it
  • You feel pretty good at the tech part of Kajabi, but avoid marketing yourself as a designer because you don’t have “formal training”
  • You think you aren’t capable or qualified enough to charge more for your services, because you think your design skills aren’t up to par
  • You keep getting clients who send you a bajillion edits and STILL aren’t fully satisfied at the end of their neverending project
Um yes, Help me!

I know how that feels!

I used to feel that way, too. It seemed like everyone around me knew more than I did and were growing their business...but I felt like a fraud.

I felt uncomfortable about the websites I had built, hoping no one would actually ever see them—the exact opposite of what my clients needed.

I was paranoid that I’d be discovered as an imposter, because I didn’t feel like I knew what I was doing.

In fact, because of these dreadful feelings, I even thought I hated web design altogether.

The saddest part was...

I actually did have formal training! I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2006. I even worked as a professional graphic designer for years.

Even so, I still thought I just didn’t have what it took to be one of those “real designers”...whatever that means.

I even went back to school and spent thousands of dollars to change my career path completely.

Thankfully, over time I met the right people and worked on my confidence. And once I discovered Kajabi, I realized I was in a unique position to to really understand - and even enjoy - web design!

This newfound passion for Kajabi design even led me to connect with my business partner soulmate Rogé (she's the blonde, I'm the redhead), and we began combining our skills to offer next-level Kajabi design services.

Since teaming up, Rogé and I have met other heart-led entrepreneurs who helped us realize that resources for design aspects of Kajabi were severely lacking.

So we decided to do something about it...


The course for tech-savvy Kajabi lovers who want to uplevel their design skills, pricing, and creativity!

Perfect for

Service Providers, DIYers, Virtual Assistants, 
and anyone who is tech-savvy in Kajabi

By the end of this course, Design Geniuses will understand:

  • What makes a website go from whoop-de-do to woohoo
  • How to use the sometimes-total-dud materials you have access to, to create the best design possible
  • Why you must consider both form and function in every part of the websites you design, because this is key to effective and valuable designs
  • What really makes objectively good design GOOD (and objectively bad design bad)
  • How to get crystal clear on your client's wants and needs so that you get the design right...the first time
  • How to implement all of this knowledge into the Kajabi platform, even if you don’t have access to the code editor

Inside the course, you’ll find:

Module 1

Expert of the Elements

This module is the first step to refining your (Design Genius) eye. Amanda is basically taking her $35,000+ education and almost 15 years of design experience, and combining all of that misery fun into this need-to-know module. Whether you are designing from scratch or using a template, learning what makes good design objectively good (and bad design objectively bad) will help you make the best design decisions in any scenario.

Module 2

Brains Before Beauty

A Design Genius should create pretty websites, but not websites that are just pretty. Anyone can learn how to “hack” someone else’s design, or use a template, but that doesn’t necessarily set your websites up for success. Understanding the function of a website, and creating designs that enhance that function, is the key to truly skilled design. This module explains why and how the brains behind a website must be considered in every part of your design process.

Module 3

Website Whiz

A Design Genius understands the importance of screen size and audience considerations during their web design process. In this module, we will cover how the principles from Module 1 translate specifically into the web format. Learn how to properly implement web design principles using tools of design, such as typography, color, image, and space, in order to improve the overall quality and professionalism of your website designs.

Module 4

Cleverful in Kajabi

You are well on your way to becoming a Design Genius, and it’s time to put your new knowledge to use inside of the Kajabi platform. This module will focus on implementing all of the lessons and techniques you’ve learned so far into Kajabi’s builder and dashboard. Learn about common roadblocks and glitches, and get some additional tips and tricks so you, too, can make Kajabi look better than Kajabi.

Module 5

Capacity for Clarity

Lack of clarity can cause all kinds of issues, no matter your level of Design Genius. This module will focus on the ways you can make the design process as smooth and fun as possible, whether designing for yourself or for clients. Learn about our constantly-refined Cleverful client process, and get additional tips and tricks about gathering clarity on the goals, preferences, and expectations that will make your design projects a success.

Module 6

Master of Many

In this module, we’ll tie up any loose ends that can cause hiccups during your design process. We’ll discuss things like choosing file types, good and bad branding and how to work with it, licensing rules about stock art and photography, tips and tricks that make a big difference in your final site draft, avoiding headaches, and more. We’ll also include any fun surprise bonuses here so all of you Design Geniuses have easy access.

Do you really want to keep using that one template over and over, hoping no one notices?

If you want to reach a higher level of design skill in Kajabi, and want to understand what really make websites that wow, Kajabi Design Genius has your back, whether you're designing from scratch or using a template.

You’ve got nothing to lose, with our money-back guarantee!

What if I try KDG and realize it’s not right for me?

We’re so confident that you’ll love KDG that we offer a money-back guarantee. Students who participate in the KDG Course, are entitled to request a refund at any stage between point of purchase and the end of Module 1 of the course.

If, after working through the first module, you don’t feel totally motivated and confident in your ability to learn to build high end design websites in Kajabi, simply reach out. Show us you’ve put in the work, and you’ll be eligible for a full refund. You can read the full details here.

Kajabi Design Genius Includes:

Six (6) Design Genius Modules

Covering everything from design foundations to style boarding and Kajabi-specific tips and tricks
Valued at $997

Eight (8) Office Hour Drop-in Calls

Got a question? Need some extra help? Amanda will be on Zoom during certain scheduled hours and days to answer your course-related questions
Valued at $1,192

File Upload Cheatsheet

Quick reference guide for when you aren’t sure which file type to choose; includes recommended sizes and specifications to save you time and trouble
Valued at $49

Simple Sales Page Wireframe Guide

A simple guide to designing sales pages that do their job, so you can enhance the brains with beauty
Valued at $199

Color Theory Cheatsheet

Quick reference guide for when you are struggling to create an appropriate color palette; includes recommendations that save you time and hassle
Valued at $49

Facebook Community

Connect with other Kajabi lovers and get feedback and support when you need it, in our exclusive Kajabi Design Genius Community

Course Value = $2,486

Plus These Amazing Bonuses:

S.O.S. Kajabi Design Call 

Having a design emergency? Schedule a one-on-one Zoom call with Amanda, so she can help you at a time you need it the most 

Valued at $299

Surprise Guest Experts

We’ve got a large network of amazing experts that we will be inviting to share their expertise for no additional cost, stay tuned for details


Website Design Sign-off Checklist

Last step checklist to make sure you aren’t missing any little design details that make a huge difference in your website designs

Valued at $79

Pop-In Pep Talks with Rogé

Rogé’s specialty is people - join her for some uplifting conversations and heartfelt support in the community Facebook group

Valued at $499

Simple Kajabi CSS Cheatsheet

Quick reference guide for when you need some simple but impactful CSS tricks to make your web designs have a custom and professional look

Valued at $99

Easy Canva Templates for Kajabi

Don’t waste time fumbling around Canva, use these easy templates to plug in custom images and text for Kajabi thumbnails and banners

Valued at $49

Bonuses Value = $1,025

Total Value = over $3,511

Just 3 Installments of $199

(Just $199 Today!)

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Hi there, I'm Amanda!

Cleverful Co-Owner & Creative Director | Creator of Kajabi Design Genius

I LOVE design; it’s what drives my day (but no more logos please!). Over the last 15 years, I’ve worked in branding, magazines, product packaging, advertising, photography, apparel, and publishing—all of which gave me the perfect skill set for a move into creative web design. I’ve built websites on the most popular platforms, from Squarespace, to Wix, to Wordpress, to Webflow, until 2019 when I met Kajabi and fell in love!

I now bring all of my skills together, along with 12 years of one-to-one client work, to create next-level Kajabi websites for our Cleverful clients. I'm so excited to create this course for other Kajabi lovers like me! 

Look at it this way...

Copywriting, marketing, and funnels are absolutely essential for an effective website, and there is no denying that these pieces will make or break a launch.

BUT, all of the hard work spent on marketing and planning funnels is wasted…

The brain processes visual information 60,000 times
faster than text.

3M Corporation

Just under half of consumers judge the credibility of a business based on their website.


…if almost half of the audience is clicking away from the page!

Sure, you can learn how to “hack” someone else’s design, or plug some content and colors into a template, but that doesn’t necessarily set your websites up for success.

If you really want to improve your web design skills and learn not just how to but what make(s) your Kajabi websites look and function at a higher level, this course is for you.


Don't waste any more time!

An attractive, well-designed website is essential in order to reach as many people as possible. Learn the what, why, and how for designing websites that do their dang job, and look dang good while they’re doing it, by joining us in Kajabi Design Genius today!

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