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Tired of manually changing the border radius of every Kajabi block?

cleverful kajabi tips coding css

Are you tired of having to manually change the border radius (the curve of the corners) of every block you add to your Kajabi page? Yeah, me too. If you have Kajabi’s Growth (the middle plan), Pro, or Access plans you can do this very simple coding trick to save some time and hassle! Even the most novice Kajabi user can do this. Simply add this handy code to your CSS code area:

.block {
border-radius: 0px !important;

Note that I used "0px" for my value (because I wanted all of my blocks to have sharp edges), but you can pick another number if you want your edges to have more curve. 

If you don't want to watch the short video, follow these instructions:

  1. When you have the page open in your customization dashboard, click on the tab that says "Settings," to the right of the "Sections" tab.
  2. Click on "Custom Code" from this menu.
  3. Go to the first box that says "CSS Code" above it, and in the area that says "/* CSS Overrides go here */" paste the code I shared above. P.S. You can delete the text that says "/* CSS Overrides go here */" or just paste the code below it. 
  4. Click "Save" and voila! Your current blocks, and the new ones you add from now on, will have the same border radius values throughout the page!

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